LeoSATarday: Beckanne Sisk’s Green Leo

************This is a post I never published but has been saved ever since. It’s from 4 years ago***************************************

Photo: Ballet Zaida Dancer: Beckanne Sisk

Here’s another unknown source leo worn by the amazing Beckanne Sisk, Ballet West Demi-soloist and Breaking Pointe dancer. The deep hunter green looks great on Beckanne. I didn’t even realize it was a zip front – LOVE this feature. The mesh sleeves add some nice texture. I wonder though, does mesh work well with sweat?

Photo: Ballet Zaida Dancer: Beckanne Sisk

This photo not only shows off Beckanne’s awesome body (her legs!!) but also her leo. It’s elegant and charming- the color is so vibrant especially against the brown of the soil and yellow of the grass. The leo reminds me of Audrey Hepburn for some reason. Oliver Endahl the photographer of Ballet Zaida knows what he’s doing. ๐Ÿ™‚ If I ever become decent in ballet, I would be honored to do a photo shoot with him!


CPYB LeoSATarday: Wrong color tights and plain leo

photo-2Can you tell which pair of tights is the one I don’t like?

Beware! The word sale can render you incompetent. I purchased Bloch Endura Adaptatoe tights that were the wrong shade of pink (Ballet Pink = peachy) so I decided to order more in the right shade. Guess who bought the wrong shade by mistake because they were on sale? This girl. Read more


LeoSATarday: Katrina Luxe Hottard

12009_1Katrina’s Luxe Hottard. Nice play on words! ๐Ÿ˜‰ When I saw this leotard I thought of my Horton class. Having long sleeves when rolling around and falling on your side is a MUST. It helps you slide out since the fabric is slippery unlike your skin. I’m not a big fun of shorts unitard because the one I have which I’ve only worn once, rides up CONSTANTLY. I’m not a fan of wedgies (who is?).ย 12009_2The back of this leotard is edgy. I like the two straps that connect the two sides of the leotard- gives it a modern feel but also helps distribute the stretch of the leotard. I find that having a really low back can sometimes pull on the undersides of your shoulder and just feel loose.

What do you think of this unitard?


LeoSATarday: Bloch Kanoa

916Ok. I have no idea why I keep choosing cap sleeve leotards when they aren’t my favorite. Clearly, the universe is telling me to give them another shot. I keep finding such nice leotards that happen to be cap sleeve! I LOVE the back on this leotard! The bow is flirty and the shape of the back cut out is flattering and different. I’m not sure how the leotard will look in motion with the bow and straps flapping about but maybe it looks fine. Here’s what the front looks like:ย blocL6002

The front is elegant especially with the front seams. The sleeves look restrictive though. :/ Thoughts? Does anyone have this leotard?


LeoSATarday: Bloch Lynx Cap Sleeve

2180-1You know how I feel about cap sleeves (see Mirella’s Cap Sleeve Postย or just read on) but I really love the elegance and simplicity of this leotard! The mesh top adds a fun, dressy element and the seam above the bust is a nice finishing touch. I still worry about the capped sleeves inhibiting movement and being annoying but this leotard is lovely to look at it. AND THE COLOR!! I used to hate pink vehemently and still will probably never wear baby pink but this fuchsia/magenta color is exciting! The website calls this color “Red” which makes me think my screen is making it seem more fuchsia then red. Does anyone have this leotard? I’d love to see pics and here your experience with it!

My one gripe with the Bloch website (UK and US version) is that a lot of their photos are one-sided. We only know what this leotard looks like from behind by looking at a line drawing:2183It would be nice to see the back on the model even though you get a pretty good idea of what it will look like from the drawing.


LeoSATarday: KeithLink’s Helle


KeithLink Dancewearย is a dancewear company that I had never heard of. I really like his clean yet majestic aesthetic. Pointe magazine wrote an article about him that revealed his muse: Greek Mythology. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a feeling the top might not be good for those with more curves up there. ๐Ÿ™‚ I usually don’t go for halters because the pulling on the neck can get old but this leotard has such pretty lines! Simple yet lovely!


LeoSATarday: Yumiko’s Laura

yumiko 1
Yumiko Dancewear. If you haven’t been to her site, do it!!! You can pick between 29 styles and tons of colors and fabrics. Just think- your own custom leotard wardrobe! It’s amazing!! Mind you it’s not cheap but it’s handmade and well worth the price!

I actually have a Laura leotard and can attest to its comfort and beauty. Mine looks like the picture below except it is in shades of green.laura_2

My only complaint with my lovely, lovely Yumiko leotard is how easily sweat is shown. It’s not fun having little circles of sweat on your tummy and under your bust line. Real cute. This is why I don’t wear my Yumiko leotard all that often :(. Since purchasing it about a year in a half ago, I’ve worn at most 3 times. Eek. I know.

I just wore my leotard two weeks ago and was so happy with the fit and design (despite the sweat marks) that I decided to feature one here. I’d really like to get the navy and green combo because I love how deep the blue is and how the green trim pops. I would DEFINITELY get lining this time and hope that it would alleviate the sweat showing issue. Thoughts?