LeoSATarday: Beckanne Sisk’s Green Leo

************This is a post I never published but has been saved ever since. It’s from 4 years ago***************************************

Photo: Ballet Zaida Dancer: Beckanne Sisk

Here’s another unknown source leo worn by the amazing Beckanne Sisk, Ballet West Demi-soloist and Breaking Pointe dancer. The deep hunter green looks great on Beckanne. I didn’t even realize it was a zip front – LOVE this feature. The mesh sleeves add some nice texture. I wonder though, does mesh work well with sweat?

Photo: Ballet Zaida Dancer: Beckanne Sisk

This photo not only shows off Beckanne’s awesome body (her legs!!) but also her leo. It’s elegant and charming- the color is so vibrant especially against the brown of the soil and yellow of the grass. The leo reminds me of Audrey Hepburn for some reason. Oliver Endahl the photographer of Ballet Zaida knows what he’s doing. 🙂 If I ever become decent in ballet, I would be honored to do a photo shoot with him!