LeoSATarday: Bloch Lynx Cap Sleeve

2180-1You know how I feel about cap sleeves (see Mirella’s Cap Sleeve Post¬†or just read on) but I really love the elegance and simplicity of this leotard! The mesh top adds a fun, dressy element and the seam above the bust is a nice finishing touch. I still worry about the capped sleeves inhibiting movement and being annoying but this leotard is lovely to look at it. AND THE COLOR!! I used to hate pink vehemently and still will probably never wear baby pink but this fuchsia/magenta color is exciting! The website calls this color “Red” which makes me think my screen is making it seem more fuchsia then red. Does anyone have this leotard? I’d love to see pics and here your experience with it!

My one gripe with the Bloch website (UK and US version) is that a lot of their photos are one-sided. We only know what this leotard looks like from behind by looking at a line drawing:2183It would be nice to see the back on the model even though you get a pretty good idea of what it will look like from the drawing.