About the blog:

The Traveling Dancer chronicles the dancing and traveling adventures of a 20-something adult beginning ballet dancer. Adult dance is just a small part of the dance world that doesn’t get as much attention because we’re not professionals or on TV. We just love to dance and happen to be 18+. The Traveling Dancer attempts to give the aspiring dancer, regardless of age, a way to find dance.

Notes on a Studio:

The “Notes on a Studio” section of this blog is dedicated specifically to locating, experiencing, and documenting adult dance in the US (for now). Please look here for detailed information on studios where I have taken class.

Who is the Traveling Dancer, you might ask?

An ex-prima ballerina? Not so much. I have been dancing on and off for at least a decade but I’ve never focused on dance enough to really see the improvement I want. In terms of levels, I find myself in the in-between: not a beginner but not advanced…perpetually elementary but with hopes to move up…eventually.  🙂

The Logo and Header:

I would like to thank Lauren from Hey! Hey! Designs for knowing exactly what I wanted. She designed my wonderful logo and header. It was AMAZING working with her and I will definitely be going to her for any future graphic design needs! The wonderful Lesley from Letter Be hand calligraphed my header title “the traveling dancer.” She is a phenomenal calligrapher!

Please note:

This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed are my own and do not stem from payments or affiliations. I do not claim to be an expert in anything. If and when this changes, I will let you know!