CPYB Leosat right tights unflattering leo

CPYB Leosat right tights unflattering leo

************This is a post I never published but has been saved ever since. It’s from 4 years ago***************************************

So I tried some new Capezio tights that were knittied and I have to say I was pretty happy with them. They felt really nice on. The oversized waist belt thing showed a bit under my leotard but it wasnt too bad. They are so so soft but feel sturdy too.

I tried on my first ever short sleeve leo with pinch front and while I have no complaints about the leos contruction – the sleeves were not restrictive at all and the neck line is lovely- the style does not seem all the flattering on me. I feel like it made my torso look shorter or rather it emphasized the shortness of my torso. Not sure. I think it would be fine if I had tights over it though – if you’re going to have a short torso at least elongate the leg line like crazy right?

Funny how sometimes its hard to translate what you’re seeing into what you’re doing. We were stretching at the barre and I had the wrong leg up and i was trying to figure out why my arm was so awkward and how the hell I was going to stretch. The guy behind me whispered “it’s the other leg.” Thank goodness someone knew their right from their left because my brain was not understanding the girls configuration in front of me. Funny how that can happen sometime. 🙂


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