************This is a post I never published but has been saved ever since. It’s from 4 years ago***************************************

So I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the ballet Coppelia. I’m not sure when but I think I did. CLEARLY,  I wasn’t paying attention because this time around I was annoyed with the story line. Or maybe my sensibilities have changed or maybe I wasn’t having it that night. But I was bothered to the point that it distracted me from the ballet or kept me really engaged and actively questioning it which now that I think of it might not actually be a bad thing. It’s definitely the most involved I’ve felt at a ballet – at least in this way where I felt like I was in constant dialogue with my ballet buddy about how appalled I was. It’s quoted as “The happiest ballet” but what is so happy about continously messing around with an elderly man, tricking him, and laughing at him. What is so happy about your love interest falling for a pretty face (THAT HAPPENS TO BE A DOLL) he sees from afar? Seriously? Maybe I was taught to respect my elders a little more than the rest of us but not cool person who created Coppelia. Not cool.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for fun and games, but there were some seriously sad undertones. Doctor Coppelius seems to have no family or friends and his only joy in life is this doll he has created. He wants to bring her to life so to speak and then when he “does” she turns out to be a rude, brat. It’s Frankensteinian but Frankenstein was misunderstood – Coppelia is just poking fun at him.

It’s funny because the part where he shows her the mirror – I thought was very interesting because if you all of a sudden came to being and never saw yourself in the mirror – how would you relate to yourself? What would you think of yourself?

Also, who brings in an entourage when sneaking into a house? …

On a brighter note, the little girls were absolutely fantastic. Kathleen Breen Combes is an enchanting actress. She really embodied Coppelia and despite the character’s antics I could definitely appreciate and admire how well she was in the role. It didn’t feel like she was just dancing or acting, she just was Coppelia – capricious, a little malicious,  bratty but pretty.

There was a part with Amazons I believe that I didn’t quite get but it was still cool to watch. 🙂


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