CPYB: T-2 days before the end

CPYB: T-2 days before the end

I can’t believe tomorrow is our last full day at CPYB. It seems pretty surreal. Didn’t I just get here? Not sure what happened today but my left hip flexor is really unhappy with me to the point that even lifting my leg makes it unhappy. I still pushed on in class but just tried not to turn out as much. I’m guessing having your hip flexor be sore is good since it means I’m trying to turn out from my hips? But my knees hurt a little as well. I have to work on strengthening my inner thighs – I can never tell when they’re doing their job. Re says your inner thighs are supposed to help you gather your turn out and then the back of your thighs helps you keep them. So basically never use your quads. 🙂

Speaking of Re, Nat and I had a private with her today. We focused on pirouettes for about 95% of the private which was great actually. I’m doing a lot better with balancing in passé. Turns are still fickle but getting better. I need to figure out how much force to use, remember to spot (turns out I wasn’t spotting properly – you have to look at yourself first and hold that look while in the process of turning rather than just turning and looking for your face), and of course turn out. She had us practice turning by holding our shoulders with our hands and stretching your elbows out to the side so that your forearm is parallel with the floor. If you actually keep your arms extending out it really does help you balance since you’re not pulling up on your shoulders (guilty of this) and you’re actually using your back! I did a couple turns to each side pretty nicely with some balance at the end but then had some sort of brain fart that kept blocking my left turns. Brain fart + the fact that I’ve been trying to turn on hyperextended knees which instantly pushes your weight back. Once I thought about not hyperextending the turns came easier and with more control. I know hyperextension is the desired look but working with hyperextension (for me at least) has only ever just developed man thighs. 🙂 Re says ideally in arabesque your leg that is in arabesque should be hyperextended and your working leg should just be straight – that way you’re not putting any weight on it. This takes mad skills though. 🙂

I was a bit confused since our teachers have been asking us to have “stiff knees” and super straight knees and for me that means hyperextended. Re pointed out that they’re trying to get you to lift your knee caps. Sounds weird? Looks even funnier. I can do it but not sure if you’re supposed to sustain it while moving or just when standing still? Just think of pulling up in the space right above your knee and all of a sudden you’ll see a defined knee. I’ll have to take a video and post it.

I’m going to miss Re a lot. I really connected with her, not only because she has a Fiat!!!!!!! but also because I appreciate her work ethic. She pushes you and makes you work hard but really explains things and gives you smart ways to work. Don’t grip – think of stretching instead,  stretch up and out in battements. When going up to passé, don’t take the leg up to passé, initiate and follow through to getting to passé by turning out that leg. She also helped talk me through what I should do with my dancing life. She started late so she knows what it’s like – granted her late was 18… 🙂

I’m going through Dance Academy withdrawal since I’ve been working on my Hula module for class that was due today so I’m going to watch one episode and get some sleep. My internal alarm clock is programmed for 6:30am no matter how much sleep I get so let’s hope tomorrow will be different. 🙂


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