CPYB: Day 16…. Pointe hurts

CPYB: Day 16…. Pointe hurts

So today was our first ever pointe class at CPYB. Yes, my shoes are indeed WAAAY too small. It was so unbelievably painful. I need to get fitted for new shoes ASAP. Robert was stern but kind…I guess. He warned us that we’d be taken off pointe if we

  1. looked at the ground while working (we were facing the wall)
  2. grabbed the bar with all our might to get to pique
  3. didn’t turn out enough

Man oh man. My bunions still ache a bit. We didn’t do anything too crazy – rolling through to releve, springing to releve, stretching our feet. My left foot wasn’t having much of anything though. The pointe shoe must be pressing on something or rather whatever I’m doing wrong is being exacerbated on pointe. Ugh. Robert went over how to tie our shoes since everyone’s ribbons looked a hot mess – including my own. They were loose when flat and too tight when on pointe. Remind me again why I’m desperate to do pointe?

I like to call Tuesdays the trifecta – Re in the morning, Teresa for lunch, and Robert in the afternoon. Re is so intense but AMAZING. She’s helping us learn how to turnout from the TOPS of our legs rather than the knees and feet. Good exercise for this  is to plie in first and pulse your inner thighs forward to get those turn out muscles working! Do it in every position. Re also encourages us to work by stretching not gripping since this is a sure-fire way to get injured. Guess who grips? ME! I’m working on breathing and stretching everything out and up or down if need be. I’m still holding too much tension in my neck. :/ Re said that wherever you’re feeling tension, you should channel it into your abs so you can hold them in better. My body doesn’t know how to do this yet.

Teresa is funny in a dark and serious way. Our class was punctuated by downward dog and kiss our knees stretches which was nice since our muscles were uber tight. We went over the positions – croise, efface, with arms and the head. I have to say port de bras when done well is so pretty and sometimes even natural?!!! WHAAT? Craziness.

This week we’ve been working on releveing in center. Sounds easy? Not so much. We did a fondu combination where we fondued to the front, plie, releve, then go back into fondu for the side. You really have to be up on your supporting side to do this well. We are also working on echappes, pas de basques, balances, assembles, and jetes. Assembles will be the death of me as will jetes. I’m not plieing enough.

Some general notes

Plie is an action not a noun, it shouldn’t be static.

When sauteing in coupe, the more you turn out the working leg, the more it’ll stay attached to the back of your leg.

When glissading make sure to push off from that second leg.

Use your thigh not your foot to fondu.

Don’t keep your weight in your heels, whatever you do.

If you promenade off the music at varying speeds, it’ll look like you’re floating. Teresa said it should take 8 heel forward (by keeping the weight on your toes) movements to get you around. For example 1 and 2, 3, 4, 5, and uh 6, 7 and 8.


  1. Toes in line with nose (for tendu front)
  2. Leg in line with spine (for tendu back)
  3. Heel of shoe against back of leg (I can’t really remember this one) (It’s for coupe back)

I keep thinking that one day I’ll be able to get through the day without feeling tired or sore but maybe that’ll come in week 5. Just in time for us to leave. 😦


2 thoughts on “CPYB: Day 16…. Pointe hurts

  1. Just wanted to check in and see how your intensive is going. I hope the pointe work is going better and that you got some new shoes. Looking forward to hearing more of your experiences there! 🙂


    1. Hi Rachael. Thank you so much for checking in. It’s been quite an eventful few days and I’m very sad I have not been able to update my blog as much as I’ve liked! I’m going to work on a post right now to try and explain a couple of things!! Thank you again for reaching out.


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