McGregor’s Raven Girl

One thing is for sure, I need to move to London. Maybe I shouldn’t have spent money on a car and should have just taken a trip to London instead. Grr. Decisions. 🙂 The Royal Ballet and Northern Ballet are producing some really interesting works. Northern Ballet did “The Great Gatsby” and “Madame Butterfly.” How cool would it be to see these in ballet form? One of the resident choreographers for The Royal Ballet is Wayne McGregor whose work I’d definitely love to see more of.

I read this article about McGregor’s new ballet – his first “story ballet” entitled Raven Girl and I was absolutely crushed that I found out about it the last day of its performance because if it had been a little earlier, I would have at least done the research to see if I could get to London. Obsessive much? I like to think of it as inspired.

Here’s the clip! If you just want to watch the dancing without McGregor’s commentary, fastforward to about 8:12.

I really liked that he chose a dark story well because who doesn’t like dark stories now and then, but really because it seems like such a quintessential theme. Girl not feeling like she quite fits in, feels like something is missing, finds that something, and then is happy. Her something just happened to be wanting to wings to fly and meeting a raven prince. It’s just like our dreams to be dancers – to have wings.

Unfortunately the only clip I found on youtube was of a rehearsal which I LOVED but I wish there was more. A full rehearsal, a clip from the show….Just MORE! I LOVE the lift where he holds her up by her feet while she leans on his back. I tried that with le boyfriend on the staircase and it did not go well. I really love watching Sara and Eric work together. I do wonder though how they remember all the corrections Wayne gives them. I know they’re professionals but that was a lot in a short amount of time 🙂

Has anyone seen “Raven Girl?”


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