CPYB: Day 4

CPYB: Day 4

I tampered with time today. I thought I had uploaded my post last night but since I was falling asleep on the keys, I guess something happened between me hitting publish and knocking out. 🙂 CPYB Day 3 was technically published today but the time stamp says yesterday. 🙂 Sneaky but also a little cool.

Today, Day 4 was when my body realized that it’s in for some serious work. I woke up tired because I haven’t been getting enough sleep – I’ve been socializing with my housemates, eating, working, and writing on my blog!! Need to do these things earlier!!! 🙂 But my body is also just tired from being the focus. When you’re sitting at a desk your body is there just cuz. I mean you need your eyes, mouth, arms, and hands to get things done but that’s about it. You could probably do just as much telepathically.  You don’t really ask a lot of your body. Dancing however is quite the opposite. You’re constantly in communication with your body, asking it to do all sorts of crazy things. Make two legs into one, turn your legs out, balance on one leg. Turn like a top. Magical things. My body was not having the magic today and my mind was fighting back too. It just seemed to take more energy to do things. Legs were heavier, thighs kept getting in the way!! It got better during the second class but the first one was definitely a little rough. 😉

We had Sara in the morning and Kristen in the middle of the day and Suzanne at the end. Suzanne was very exacting. She said the details were the most important. She even corrected finger positions. She had the most beautiful strong muscular arms. I really liked her. She wants echappes to go straight up into fifth and then out into second.

Sara said that when port de bras-ing from fifth down, 4 body parts should be breathing (along with your regular breathing), chest, chin, eyes then hands. 🙂 I like the idea of breath being the impetus for movement. Breathing not only looks pretty and is vital but we also learned that it can help you from falling over when promenading or when balancing in general. So breathe. If you’re too rigid then you can’t balance – like a building that doesn’t have any give.

Balances (the step not the verb) will be the death of me though. They are a rocking step of sorts. They do them here a little differently in that you stay in plie, very low to the ground. Not the jumpy, sprightly ones I’m used to seeing. At this point I can’t do either but it’s only Day 4. Many more days to go.

We are practicing turns from second since it’s harder to do. I wasn’t doing half bad in the first and second class  but by the evening class, I wasn’t having it (my favorite saying of late).

You’ll be proud. I finally made it to the recommended evening class tonight. I skipped out Monday-Wednesday under the guise that I didn’t want to overdo it and because I had work to do. Both are true but if I want to get the most out of this camp…gotta go big, or go home right? No but really, I’m happy I went because the teacher Karen was so helpful especially when she said not to worry if a teacher isn’t correcting you, just apply the corrections they are giving to other people to yourself. She also recommended not worrying about any feelings of discouragement this first week. We are going to be so strong after 5 weeks and know so much more that we won’t want to go back! Let’s hope. I really want to be able to do a single pirouette and hold it with control before coming down.

Things to work on:

  1. Turn out
  2. Getting my splits
  3. Turn out
  4. Using my inner thighs more than my upper thighs (I can’t even tell when the inner thighs are engaged….)
  5. Using my knee and heel as “stoppers” when turning but really that just means using turn out to stop
  6. MY SPLITS ugh
  7. Not sinking into my body – stretching up as tall as possible
  8. Tucking in the tummy

Did I mention turn out? Ok it’s WAY past my bedtime. Tomorrow is going to be another doozy if I don’t get to bed now. Bought a new heating pad by the way…still not hot enough!!!!


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