CPYB: Day 3

CPYB: Day 3

Today was the day that I kicked a principal ballet dancer from Pacific Northwest Ballet not once…but twice. The first time I was developpeing to the side and sort of nudged her leg. Not so bad. The second time was the real kick since we were doing battements back (high kicks to the back) and on my way out my foot touched something and I heard a yelp. Oopsie. I whispered a quiet apology and reached my hand back as a way of checking if she was ok. She grabbed my hand and squeezed and said she was fine. 🙂 “It’s not every day you get kicked in the butt.” Heheheheh. She had been correcting the girl behind me and had gotten too close. She said it was her fault which was really sweet. She is sorta right though since both times she was behind me and I couldn’t tell how close or far she was.

Here’s a pretty picture of her. Carrie Imler.



The kicking was class number 2. Carrie was an awesome teacher by the way! LOVED her!!! I think I had some of my cleanest turns in her class. They were inside turns from fourth with hands up. Putting your hands up really helps. Assembles continue to be challenging. My legs try to assemble in the air but it seems like my thighs get in the way. 😉

Class 1 was with a very funny Sara. I’m not sure where she is from but she was hysterical. She went around and gave everyone a lot of corrections. Turns out my friend Steve is pointing so hard that he’s sickling. I probably do the same since my feet are flat – I really have to work at pointing my feet. Sara gave a really good correction for rond de jambe to the back. You should move your foot back not your leg so that you stay turned out.

Class 3 was with Tanya who is absolutely the sweetest lady we’ve met so far. She went around to each person and was fixing everything and anything she saw. Like a master artist going by, adding a brush strokr here, a poke there, a higher passe, etc. She came by and corrected my jetes and told me to make sure I wasn’t traveling side to side. You should be going straight up. Towards the end of class, guess who stopped by? Yup Marcia. I didn’t think she would stop by our class but low and behold there she was! She sort of took over. She called some girls out for their non traditional leotards a.k.a (and I quote) “bathing suits or nightclub wear.” We are supposed to look like ballerinas. She had us work on assembles and jetes at the barre. Then she left. She corrected 1 or 2 people. I looked her in the eye once. She didn’t say anything or correct me. I suspect this isn’t a good thing.

My neck was a little sore/stiff earlier in the day but warmed up throughout the day. I’m not in pain right now which is good. I bought a heating pad from Walmart that does not heat up warm enough. Go figure. I’ll be returning it tomorrow so I can keep icing and heating my upper back and neck. Aleve is my best friend.

I’m falling asleep as I write this so that’s all for now folks!



2 thoughts on “CPYB: Day 3

    1. I’m really glad my neck/upper back isn’t complaining anymore. I’m actively trying to keep my shoulders down. 🙂 I really am enjoying myself here so far though it is a lot of hard work :). Thank you so much again for being here for me! 🙂


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