CPYB: Placement

CPYB: Placement

Yesterday on my registration packet there was a sticker that said my registration time : 8:30am. Supposedly I had to get there an hour early. ….. Not what you want to hear after driving for 2 days and not getting enough sleep. I quickly found out that the later your placement class the better you were. 8:30 = the youngins, the beginners/elementary peeps, and us two oldins. I’m totally ok with this. I was actually pretty calm the whole time. I didn’t think of this as an audition because well it’s not. We were already placed into levels, this was just a confirmation of said levels and why would I ever want to be moved to a level that I’m not ready to be in? …. Yea, no.

I followed my housemate’s mom to the CPYB Warehouse. We got there around 7:50/8ish. They gave us white pieces of paper with our names and numbers on them to pin to our leotards. Guess what number I got? 25. Is that ridiculously funny or what? Why? I am in 25. 🙂 We were supposed to warm ourselves up in a studio till 8:30 which we did and then we lined up by number and were escorted into a bigger studio. A cluster-you-know-what ensued. Seems like the computers had messed up the numbers or rather the people had messed up the numbers in the computer so we spent a half an hour trying to get situated. Guess who’s name was not on the sheet. This girl’s. “Marcia, I can’t find 25’s name on the sheet? 25 isn’t on here” “Guess I added her later” I registered in February… I took it all in stride though. 🙂 Finally we were split up into 4 groups: Group 1, Group 3, Group 4, and Group 5. They said Group 2 wasn’t here. I figured out quickly that these would be our levels because I saw the sheet they were writing our names and numbers down on. B3 it said. Also, Marcia said once or twice I’m moving you up to the next group, you should be in B4. Go figure.

We did very simple exercises. A few tendus. Pirouettes from second. Promenade in arabesque. Nothing crazy. Marcia does have hawk eyes and sometimes would ask someone to repeat something. They would just began to prepare as in start the motion to get into position and she would say “Never mind, I remember.” That’s good stuff.

One of the teachers seems to have a bad hip and I really want to ask her what happened. 😦 Don’t think I should though.

I did not get moved up or down and my lovely friend Steve and housemate, Nathalie were in the same level. I was happy as a clam. I was frustrated though by the organization of the whole thing but we were the first group. I’m assuming they got the kinks out later. I only about .2 nervous because I found myself not breathing during some of the exercises but honestly I’m quite happy with how I felt.

Nathalie and I went on a 1/4 of the walking tour that preceded the placement class because it was a. HOT b. HOT. c. HOT and d. Sleepy time. We had leotards and tights on and weren’t having it anymore. I drove us back home. We showered and took naps. GLORIOUS sleep. 🙂

I woke up and mosied around, ate something, finally unpacked and then headed out to Walmart to pick up some things for tomorrow. It’s funny I feel so odd here sometimes. I could barely remember how I old I was yesterday. I had to literally count from 88 to 2013 because I couldn’t remember if I was 24 or 25… The kids think I’m old and maybe a little cool since I have a job. Haha I think their lives are cool because although they don’t know it, their lives are completely their own right now.

Walking around Walmart with Nathalie reminded me of how my best friend from highschool and I used to go to Walmart get school supplies or whatever supplies. It was just about hanging out. I miss her so much but I realize I miss the people we were, the friendship we had. We are different people now and although I try and accept that more and more each day it doesn’t make the missing her part any easier. If I could give teenagers one piece of advice is to value your friendships because although it may seem like you’ll be Best Friends Forever, you never know. Something indeed dies with age.

About an hour ago I got a text saying the schedules for tomorrow and the rest of camp were finally out. It’s confirmed – I’m in level B3 as is Nathalie. We are the lowest dancers level wise in the house which is fine. I only had very slight illusions of grandeur which were easily stanched by my 8:30am placement. One of my housemates was in B2 last summer and this summer she’s in D4. Woah. We were warned that the levels are not in order that they go according to things that need to be worked on. I have to say the group behind us, B4 I believe, had a lot of crazy crab hands as in the index finger was way out above the other fingers. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be?

In any case, I must be off. My first class starts at 9am. Woohoo. 🙂


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