CPYB: Day 0

CPYB: Day 0

I thought I’d be writing this post from Carlisle but I’m spending the night in NY at my Grandma’s house instead! There was some major car drama this morning and I wasn’t sure if my dear little Lady Bug (or maybe Izzie haven’t decided on a name for her yet) would be accompanying me to CPYB.
We took her to a mechanic on Thursday morning just to make sure she would make it to PA. The owner said yes but was a little hesitant since he hadn’t checked it out himself. We left her overnight so he could and then WAM the next morning we had an estimate for $2400 worth of repairs. Whaaaaat? His admin assistant said she probably wouldn’t make it long distances since the main work was brake related. It nearly broke my heart. We went to pick her up to get a second opinion and when we talked to the owner he said “It’s a good car” and that I should be ok to PA. Woooo! (We won’t go into the confusion of Thursday they said we should be fine, Friday morning we shouldn’t drive it anywhere to Friday afternoon nah you should be fine).
We got a ridiculously late start because of the car drama but also because I stayed up till 3am doing laundry and getting napkins ready to be sewn. Folding edges and mitered corners are no fun that late at night. Especially when they end up not being not fit to serve as gifts.
I may not be doing so well in the preparation department. Must work on this.
We’ll be up early tomorrow to get a good start on the 4 hour drive to PA. Wish us luck! The only hiccup I had today was that the odometer randomly stopped working about twice. I’d say that’s pretty good! We finally drove with the top down and it was absolutely amazing! The sky as your roof! So much fun and liberating.  I’ll have to post a video. 😉

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