CPYB LeoSATarday: Wrong color tights and plain leo

photo-2Can you tell which pair of tights is the one I don’t like?

Beware! The word sale can render you incompetent. I purchased Bloch Endura Adaptatoe tights that were the wrong shade of pink (Ballet Pink = peachy) so I decided to order more in the right shade. Guess who bought the wrong shade by mistake because they were on sale? This girl.  Geez. Of course tights are final sale NO MATTER what. I decided to give them a spin and while they aren’t that bad – they are definitely not awesome either. Ugggggggggh. What’s the deal with pink/white tights anyways. Is it really because it’s easier to see muscles through pink tights than black? I work with scientists.. I may just have to ask. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with wearing pink tights I just want to know why me not wearing “white” enough pink tights is making me feel uncomfortable. What the eff?


I wore a very simple Mirella leotard – no pinch front since I seem to only have bought pinch front. Despite having ordered a Medium it still felt a little on the loose sides. Not too bad though and not enough to really complain. I think I definitely prefer a pinch front and I’m considering returning the second one I ordered. This leotard seems perfect for CPYB though since it’s traditional with no adornments. I like the fabric, it’s very comfortable doesn’t show sweat. 🙂



This red color looks pretty nice though. The one I got was black. I don’t remember the back being as low in the picture though. I just emailed Discount Dance and they said I can return the tights as long as they are unopened!! Woohooo!!!!!


2 thoughts on “CPYB LeoSATarday: Wrong color tights and plain leo

  1. I think we wear pink tights just because it’s traditional. I have a theory that they made tights and shoes in pink because that was as close as they could get to skin color back in the day. Remember, we are all supposed to be fairies flitting around.


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