Elementary/Intermediate at Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre

Since it was Memorial Day weekend, I didn’t think I would be able to take ballet at all after Friday. Luckily, Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre was open on that chilly and rainy Saturday morning. I found out from a dance friend that they only have 6 days off a year: Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, July 4, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day. Wow…

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Studio Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre
Website url
Price $13/class $110/10 class card
Levels and Freq Intro I (2x/week), Intro II (2x/week), Elementary I (3x/week), Elementary II (3x/week), Intermediate (11x/week) 
Location Right in Harvard square so you can easily take the red line or a bus! Parking can be a pain in Harvard so if you must drive, get there early enough to find a meter. When I worked here, they used to offer parking for $5 I believe. Call ahead and double check or just take the T 🙂
Facility Believe it or not, you are dancing in a really beautiful church! It’s not stuffy or overly religious though so not to worry. Huge ceilings, stain glass windows, arched windows. It really is quite lovely. It is registered as a historic landmark which explains why they can’t install AC (I asked…homie don’t play that). Studio 1 is the biggest studio and it is also where the company performs – The Sanctuary Theatre. Studio 2 is on the same floor but smaller. I think I’ve had class once in the smaller studios upstairs.
Reception The entrance to the studios is on the side of the building and the reception is through the doorway on the right after the stairs. A workstudy is usually there and can check you in. They’ve always been nice and very willing to help.
Dressing Area There’s a woman’s dressing area located right in the reception area. The dressing area is one big room. The mens dressing room is upstairs. There are multiple bathrooms in between Studio 1 and 2.
Class Elementary/Intermediate. May 25, 2013. Saturday 11-12:30
Teacher Bettina Indaco. She was a vision in periwinkle with a cute perky ponytail. She has a good sense of humor.
Music Pianist (first female in while :))
Size 18, 0 men
Attire Tights and Leotards I was rocking a loose black onesie warm up with a tank and shorts underneath
Barre Timing 45 mins
Delivery of Exercises She would demonstrate twice. For center work, she would explain it twice and then mark it with music
Type of Corrections Group
Correction Notes For fondues, don’t clomp your body down when coming back from fonduing and starting again. When doing small jumps in arabesque, don’t let the leg that is out in arabesque move up and down, keep her steady!
Noteworthy Combos Newish stuff I should work on: brises, contre temps, some sort of tombe beat into an assemble thing. At the barre: frappes en croix then frappe x2 en croix in same amount of time, double front hold leg out and raise then same to the side, then little beats while moving the arm through port de bras (this will be the death of me)
I really liked her combinations, there was one center combo that felt really good to dance, one step flowed into the other and it just made sense. I’ll try to summarize it here. Start with right leg pointed out and right arm in high fifth, left arm in second, sort of high rond de jambe your left leg while doing a slight arm roll, step into pique, step to fifth, then step back with right leg pointed in front of you, right arm in high fifth, left arm second, step on the right foot and prepare your arms for turning by bringing the left arm into first and right arm to second. Inside turn, step to the right and prepare for piques, 3 pique turns close in fifth up. I’m not sure I explained that well but it looked really good!
Across the floor: 4 pique turns, 3 soutenu turns close left foot back and hold with arms down facing behind you. Go into back arabesque and for lack of a better word, hop 5 times and on the 5th releve arabesque and hold, close to fifth and switch legs then chaine, chaine, chaine, arabesque hold finish
General Vibe Relaxed. Bettina is light hearted and keeps the class moving. A lot of people came early to stretch and warm up before class.
Level true to class Yes, it was Elementary/Intermediate. Intermediate in terms of the variety/difficulty of steps but she always gave options if you didn’t want to do fouettes at the bar, etc so I think people happy in elementary would be ok too.
Temperature (Scale 1-10 5 comfortable 10 hot, hot, hot) 4 then 5. It was a little chilly out this morning so started off with a fleece on top of my onesie. After a couple of exercises at the barre, fleece came off but onesie stayed. It’s usually really hot in these studios so I appreciate when it’s cool!
Body Assessment Only complaint is that again during the saute de chat my right hamstring did a weird twang when I stretched it in the air. No fun. My back cambres seemed a little deeper this time around…not sure why! I might have figured out why my lower back was acting a little funny last time – could have been that I was leaning back too much when doing a cambre forward? I also really need to work on when legs are doing one thing and arms are supposed to be moving through port de bras.



4 thoughts on “Elementary/Intermediate at Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre

  1. The heat was the main reason I couldn’t stand this place, despite the class being pretty good. Then again, I went last year in dead of summer (Julyish). It’s better than Dance Complex though – that place is like a sauna 😦


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