CPYB Dress Code LeoSATarday 1

CPYB Dress Code LeoSATarday 1

This is a little bit of a different LeoSATarday post because I will be blogging about a leotard AND tights. 🙂

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet has a very strict dress code. Traditional leotards, pink tights. No criss cross, no mesh, no lace, no halter, no crazy low backs, no double straps, nothing multi-colored. Since I only owned one leotard that fit the “traditional” description and would be taking at least 3 classes a day, I did some shopping. Of course I couldn’t just buy multiple leotards of the same style, I had to find as many different “traditional” leotards as possible. This includes: just plain cami, pinch seam in front with tank straps, pinch seam with cami straps, princess seams, etc. I try not to buy cotton leotards because I feel like they turn gray quickly and show sweat easily.

In terms of tights, since I haven’t willingly bought or worn pink tights since highschool I bought a variety of brands and pinks to see what works best. Much to my chagrin, I have 3 or 4 peachy pink tights that I probably won’t wear. I’ll still try them on to see if I like the brand/style but then I will reorder in the pink that is more on the white side.

Here is one of the leotards that I tried out this past week.

Bloch’s Plage Pinch Front Tank Leotard (L6915)


I made the picture huge because I wanted you to see how simple but pretty this leotard is. I also wanted to show that the seam that runs under the bustline is indeed under the model’s bust. When I tried this leotard on (I ordered a Medium) and put the seam where it should be, it became boobalicious. I’m guessing that means one of two things: I need a large even though the rest of the leotard fits fine or this leotard just works a little bit better for the less busty. In any case, I adjusted the seam and had it on the boobage (rather than under) and everything actually worked fine. I felt supported, nothing fell out. When cambreing back and forward I didn’t have to adjust – hate this. Definitely a keeper. I am thinking about ordering a large to see how it fits.

Tights wise, I tried Bloch’s Endura Adaptatoe Tights in “Pink.” These tights were really soft and didn’t let my 2 day leg stubble poke through woo hoo! At first I had the tights on top of my leotard but I didn’t like how to crotch insert looked so I put them on the inside and they were really comfortable. 🙂


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