Back to real Ballet

Back to real Ballet

I had my first what I call “real” ballet class today – the first ballet class I’ve had that I had to work and think actively every second. The first class where I trust and completely respect the teacher’s technique and way of teaching. This is not to say that these classes don’t exist – just that I haven’t taken one (or any dance class) in quite some time what with the apartment hunt that took over my life. I signed a lease yesterday. Woot. I was/am going to try to write a “Notes on a Studio” post about my class tonight but I was so focused trying to figure everything out that I’m not sure I retained as much as I would have wanted. One thing is for sure, not only do I not count but I also don’t know HOW to count the music at least not all the time. This wasn’t anything she told me but it’s what I’ve gathered. Gotta work on that.

Today’s class was with the teacher I started taking privates with at the end of April. She is AMAZING. She demonstrated a 180 penche today. Course. She has such beautiful lines and port de bras! I’m really happy to be working with her one on one but it’s a little on the pricy side. Why did I start taking private ballet lessons? Well, dear reader, I’m going to be attending Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s 5 week Summer Intensive in…wait for it…..32 days. I’m not remotely ready. Trying to get my act together…slowly. I’ve been trying to get my act together. Let’s hope it’s real this time for my body and mind’s sake :).

In preparation for C.P.Y.B – I VOLUNTARILY wore PINK tights UNDER my leotard today. This is a major breakthrough since this hasn’t happened since highschool. It wasn’t so bad. 🙂 I will be writing a LeoSATarday post about the tights and leotard so stay TUNED!

The one gripe about my night is that my left sciatic nerve area was bothering me after class today. Usually that area only ever bothers me after Horton.. 😦 I’ve been stretching for my splits at work for the last 3 days – just doing lunges every couple of hours at my desk (some people stand at their desk, some people sit, I lunge) and the right split has been tweaking that area a bit too. Lame.


4 thoughts on “Back to real Ballet

    1. I’m excited but terrified! 🙂 🙂 I’ll definitely be posting daily updates – if I can stay awake of course – haha. 🙂


  1. I’ve been searching for a private ballet teacher for a long time! Who are you currently taking lessons from? I’ll mention you as a referral haha 😉


    1. I’m working with Ilona Wall! She teaches at Jose Mateo. I can give you her email if you’d like! She’s AMAZING! 🙂


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