I laughed, I cried, I connected – Ailey, Petite Morte, Ohad Naharin

I saw Alvin Ailey perform tonight and it was absolutely glorious. First time seeing Petite Morte and anything from Ohad Naharin. I was floored by Minus 16. It was incredible. Petite Morte was the most outright sexual ballet I’ve ever seen. The choreography was pretty interesting and full of innuendo. It was stunning to see it on the lovely Ailey Dancers with their unbelievably muscled and strong bodies. I’m realizing I like Kylian. 🙂

I’m seeing Ailey perform a different repertory tomorrow, this time with the famous Revelations. I’m excited to see it like I would an old friend. I’m glad I’m seeing both if not more of their shows this weekend because I was thrilled with what happened tonight. I cried, I laughed, I was surprised, I smiled, and I connected. What a night. I definitely will write a longer post when I’m not falling asleep! Remind me to talk about the Q & A with Robert Battle! Love him!


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