Stretch Challenge Overview

Stretch Challenge Overview

My 30 day Stretch Challenge is complete. No, I didn’t get the splits BUT I’m a lot closer than before!! My stretch challenge ended on the 13th and I haven’t stretched since which is really not good. I’m going to start stretching again TODAY. Next challenge, Stretch till you Split. I won’t be documenting it but the plan would be to continue on where I left off in the Stretch challenge and get to the coveted splits!!!

What I did:

  • Warmup: Jumping Jacks, ran in place for 3-5 mins
  • At first I did whatever stretch I thought would help. Lunges and pigeon then hold splits but it helps if you have a regiment to follow. There are a couple online but I sorta stuck to this one. I basically did these stretches everyday 3 times each for 30 seconds each:
  1. Stood with my feet slightly apart and then touched the floor with my hands.
  2. Laying down on the floor with on leg bent and foot on the floor, use your hands or a towel to pull your outstretched leg closer to your body.
  3. Lunge with both legs bent. Keep your body vertical, don’t hunch over with your arms/torso.
  4. Lunge with back leg straight. Make sure you keep your knee about your toes. Stretch your back leg out further.
  5. Standing, bend leg back and hold on to your foot. Stretch those quads!
  6. Do the splits! Try to go straight down to wherever height you can rather than hunching over the front leg. Having chairs or yoga blocks on each side will help.

Things I learned:

  • Stretching hurts. But it’ll be worth it when you’re sitting pretty in your splits!
  • The less you use your arms to hold you up the better. I went the lowest on the day I was only holding on with the tips of my fingers!
  • If you’re doing to take pictures of your progress everyday, find an angle that is neither too high or too low so that you can accurately see how close you are to ground. Once you find that angle stick to it so you can easily see progress and not psych yourself out when you think you’re closer one day than the next. Consistent lighting is also important!
  • Progress is slow and you will think “what’s the point?” Stretch on.
  • Try to think positively about stretching and how you feel when stretching! Breathe into the pain.
  • Try not to lean forward when holding the stretch but instead try to go straight down.
  • Knee pads- I need them. I think it would have been immensely helpful if I had something to protect my back knee
  • Warm up before hand!
  • Watch tv if you need a distraction or make stretching a time to meditate. Whatever works for you!

Progress through Pictures

I’d say Day 28 was the best day of the challenge in terms of getting close to the ground! 🙂 I skipped Day 19  because I fell asleep (lame- I know!) so I made up for it on Day 31. However, Day 31 was not the best (I wasn’t warm enough) so I’m considering it a make-up rather than the true end of the challenge. For pictures of each day of the challenge, please check out my twitter.

If you’re in the middle of a stretch challenge, I’d love to hear from you! I’d also like to partake in another 30 day challenge with you- much easier to do a challenge with a buddy! Let me know! 🙂


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