LeoSATarday: Yumiko’s Laura

yumiko 1
Yumiko Dancewear. If you haven’t been to her site, do it!!! You can pick between 29 styles and tons of colors and fabrics. Just think- your own custom leotard wardrobe! It’s amazing!! Mind you it’s not cheap but it’s handmade and well worth the price!

I actually have a Laura leotard and can attest to its comfort and beauty. Mine looks like the picture below except it is in shades of green.laura_2

My only complaint with my lovely, lovely Yumiko leotard is how easily sweat is shown. It’s not fun having little circles of sweat on your tummy and under your bust line. Real cute. This is why I don’t wear my Yumiko leotard all that often :(. Since purchasing it about a year in a half ago, I’ve worn at most 3 times. Eek. I know.

I just wore my leotard two weeks ago and was so happy with the fit and design (despite the sweat marks) that I decided to feature one here. I’d really like to get the navy and green combo because I love how deep the blue is and how the green trim pops. I would DEFINITELY get lining this time and hope that it would alleviate the sweat showing issue. Thoughts?


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