LeoSATarday: Elevé Dancewear’s Caitlin Halter

caitlinfront_DSC6136__04599.1293597702.960.1280I am so excited about this dancewear line! Thank you to Brooke Wixted on Pinterest for introducing me to Elevé Dancewear. Custom leotards with prints and patterns?!!! Can you imagine?!

The Caitlin Halter is so cute and vintage! I love the buttons and the thick halter straps. I’m not a huge fan of the print or the color on this model but the style is AWESOME! I want one!!! Halters tend to make me a little nervous because I can’t stand the pulling against the neck but this one looks like it might be ok especially since you can tie it yourself! Here’s the back! caitlinback_DSC6183__96888.1293597721.960.1280

I’m in LOVE! My only concern is possible spillage/flashing. I wonder how much coverage it provides? In any case, I might make one of these my 30 Day Stretch Challenge treat. Only 5 more days to go!


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