LeoSATarday: Unknown Striped Leo

“Shane Placentino and Michele Goullet during barre in Italy, 1992.”

I remember seeing this photo on Tumblr a while back and loving not only the cool striped unishort but also her sunglasses, presence, and amazing body (of course).  Look how delicately she’s holding on to the “barre.” After doing some research (google image search) I finally found the original image in an article from Vanity Fair. Turns out this is a picture of dancers from Australian Ballet in ITALY which might explain in part how chic the lovely Michele looks. I LOOOOOVE that leotard. Stripes are a new thing for me but I’m so glad I’ve welcomed them into my life.   This leotard looks comfortable but fashionable with a little sass and vintage swimwear thrown in. The vertical stripes are also perfect because they elongate her body.

I had never seen a striped leotard in a store or catalog before and I definitely was not able to find this particular biketard/unitard online. If anyone knows who made it, please let me know!! I did find a striped leotard by Australia’s Dancewear by Cremonini. The funny part is I found the striped leotard on their website first and then remembered that I had seen a striped leotard elsewhere. Unfortunately, the Dancewear by Cremonini website only shows a drawing of the leotard and not an image of an actual leotard. I’m tempted to order one just to see how it looks and fits but what I really want is Michele Goullet’s leotard!



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