Reflections on the Week & a New Class

Reflections on the Week & a New Class

I need to come up with a better schedule for updating my blog. Life is keeping me quite busy though: full-time job, Stretch Challenge, dance training for the summer (taking dance at least 6 days a week), oh and those things called sleeping and eating.

I haven’t noticed any progress with the Stretch Challenge. 😦 Maybe I need to up the amount of stretching from 30-45 mins a day to an hour and to actually stretch in the splits for longer. It’s so painful though. I’m trying to square off my hips but I can’t seem to get any lower when I do that. I should clarify that my muscles do feel longer and I feel less tight but I’m still no where near to getting my splits. Oh well. 18 more days to go.

This is the second week of my training. I didn’t go to class on Monday because it was a holiday and Tuesday I just needed a break. I did take my famous 3 hour Modern/Horton on Wednesday night and a new ballet class on Thursday (first male teacher in a while) and another ballet class on Friday. Ideally I would have gone to ballet today (Saturday) but I woke up too late. I’ll have to try and double up tomorrow if possible.

My Thursday class was something pretty fantastic. I signed up for the class last semester but never actually made it since it was Thursday night from 7:30-9. 5-7:30 is a huge chunk of time between work and class and if I go home there’s no coming back out :). This week, I just sucked it up and read a book to pass the time. I am SO glad I went. Our teacher is Boyko Dossev, a corps dancer from the Boston Ballet. He’s the BEST! You can tell he really loves ballet. The way he talks about ballet, how he marks the combinations, and just his general presence is sensual and fluid. A dancer. An artist. He speaks French! AND the piece de resistance…he CORRECTS! Yes, let me repeat. He CORRECTS his students!!!! He literally came by and pushed my heel forward and helped guide my developpe out and then back to passe. He then said get your passe higher! Oh man oh man. 😀 Love.

He had the great misfortune of coming by me when we were doing left turns (my nemesis) and as I was failing at balancing in passe (great timing for a bad turning day), he kept trying to reach out to help me regain my balance and when he saw I wasn’t going to do it by myself- he reached out and held my hands and then poked and prodded till he found my balance point. I get the impression he would be an amazingly considerate and awesome partner (or maybe I’m just smitten). He was so nice!!!! Not judgmental at all and kept things simple but you still had to work hard. I was half paying attention most of the time because I was being a tween and was totally distracted by him. Haha. I’ll be fine next time around.

One thing he kept correcting me about was my standing leg. It seems like it’s never straight. Awesome. My knees hyperextend so I try to keep them straight and not hyperextended but I guess I’m just keeping them bent now? Or I haven’t built enough flexibility to get my working leg high and keep my standing leg straight. Regardless, thank you Boyko for pointing it out! I’m really happy to have found such a great teacher! 🙂

I didn’t do that well in general during that class which is vastly different from how I felt at my Sunday class where I was confident, in control, and actually dancing! I always feel good at my Sunday studio. I need to try to manifest that  energy in any studio anywhere.



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