LeoSATarday: Degas 9517


While searching for leotards online I ran into Degas Leotards on a forum post. I had never heard of them. Turns out they are French leotards! As in FROM FRANCE! How cool is that? I really love their leotards because they seem fitted and flattering in a delicate and beautiful way. Of course the French style is lovely.

Leotard 9517 has a seamed corset and some ruffle details. The seams on the corset make her torso look longer- no complaints about that! It looks like it could be a costume or a cute summer dress :). I’m not sure if I would wear it in this yellow color but it looks fantastic on the model! What do you think?

I found another picture of this leotard from Stone Dancewear but it doesn’t look as nice as it does on the model. I think it might be because the mannequin seems oddly elongated. See below. The color is a really nice red though. Does anyone have this leotard or any Degas leotard? I’d love to hear your opinions about it! 🙂 Especially how it takes to sweat.



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