Day 5

Day 5

I’m feeling much better today. I can actually walk semi-normally! Woohoo!! My hips are still making popping noises when I swing my legs but hey! It’s a start! I took Valentine’s Day off and I think my body was very appreciative! I went to a beginning ballet class tonight (details to come in a Notes on a Studio post) and I didn’t have that many kinks to work through before I felt warm enough to move. Unlike Wednesday. 🙂

Update on the stretch challenge. What did I get myself into? Stretching for your splits is HARD WORK! My hands hurt from holding myself up during the lunges and practice splits. My left hip is MUCH tighter than my right. It’s a little worrisome because it hurts when I’m stretching it. I hope it gets used to the idea of a split soon because we have another 26 days to go! I did the frog stretch and that seemed to loosen it up a bit. 🙂

Along with the 30 day stretch challenge I started a “take dance 6 days a week” routine to prepare myself for the summer. Since I took Thursday off that means I’ll be waking up for 10:30 class on Saturday and Sunday. Joy. 🙂 I’m going to try really hard to keep this 6 day routine but I won’t feel too bad if I get in at least 5 days (3 ballet and 2 modern).


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