Day 3

Day 3

Well folks I made it to Day 3. I had a pretty intense ballet class yesterday and today I took another 3 hours of Modern. Be proud because I was limping all day today! Just a quick recap of my aches and pains in no particular order:

  • blister on left foot
  • coughing or laughing hurts
  • sides of my torso ache (thank you laterals)
  • can’t fully extend my legs
  • knees are bruised
  • forearms ache
  • arms in general are tired
  • left hip is tight- it’s fun trying to lift it
  • butt is SUPER sore
  • calves hurt to touch
  • pretty much everything hurts to the touch

I have to say I’m REALLY happy I have these aches and pains because it means I’m working! Most of them are from Modern/Horton because despite how achy and unresponsive my body was during ballet yesterday- it doesn’t usually respond to ballet in that way… as in I don’t usually take that much of a beating. 🙂

Word of advice, Horton is not for the faint of knee. That’s the most obvious difference between ballet and modern- the use of floor. I remember one of my very first lessons in Modern was learning how to fall. You basically fall sequentially so nothing takes the brunt of your weight. The falls we’re doing now are not as easy. She calls them splats. My favorite is when you’re kneeling and you have to arch back and fall by letting your thighs touch the floor first and then your hand slides you out the rest of the way. You really have to trust yourself for this one to get it right. I’m thinking of sewing some really thin knee pads into my pants for this class.

I realize during a lot of class my weight is in my heels and I’m leaning back. Trying to correct this tendency caused intense burning in my calves and feet since I overcorrected and put most of my weight on my toes. Something to work on! I’m also trying to use more space when dancing. I tend to dance right under myself which means going across the floor takes forever and certain things just don’t look as good. It changes the energy of your movement.

“Lateral reverse promenades are no joke.” Indeed they are not. A lateral T is when you make a T with your body by standing on let’s say your left foot with your entire torso parallel to the floor and your arms outstretched to the left forming one side of the T and your right leg stretched out to the right forming the other. Here’s a picture of a lateral T (scroll all the way down). Now try to promenade (turn in a slow circle) going towards your foot and stay in that position. Hahaha. Hahaha.

To think that this is the calm before the storm. My teacher said she’s going to take it easy on us for the first two weeks and then really step it up. Oh dear. I’m a little terrified in both a good and bad way.


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