Stretch Challenge

Stretch Challenge

I was reading the Adult Ballerina Project’s blog and she embarked on a really awesome idea: a 30 day stretch challenge where you stretch every day and take a picture of your progress. I NEED to do this. I hate stretching which shows by how not flexible I am. I think a way to stay motivated and actually complete the 30 day challenge-besides the obvious benefit of being more flexible and incorporating stretching into your regular routine- would be to have some sort of prize at the end. But what to give away?

I wanted to start the challenge on the 13 of February and end it on the 13th of March. (Why 13? It’s the best number in the world!) However, after my Modern classes I did 25 minutes of stretching to hopefully stave off major soreness tomorrow. So I guess I’m making Feb 11 the first day of the challenge. It’ll still end on March 13th though which will actually make this challenge 31 days. If I succeed in stretching EVERYDAY until the 13th and document by taking pictures and/or measurements, I will buy myself a fancy schmancy expensive leotard. If anyone would like to join in, I’d love to have you and share the prize with you (as in whoever gets selected by the random number generator will get a fancy schmancy leotard too)! Let me know!

Check out my twitter for my stretch challenge progression! 🙂



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