First Day of Modern Class

First Day of Modern Class

Today was my very first official class of the year! I took 3 hours of Modern- Horton based. It was AMAZING but oh so tiring. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it but I just tried to take everything slowly, not overdo it. Last year, I couldn’t walk normally for several days before my body got used to this class. We’ll see what happens this year.

It’s funny. I’ve had so many false starts at ballet but nothing is like coming back to this modern class. Sure if you haven’t taken ballet for a while, you’re not as flexible, you can’t hold you passe for as long, and you definitely feel tired but with Horton it’s like being in bootcamp. You build your stamina and your body to such a point that you really feel it when you haven’t danced in a while. I bet though if I had a ballet class that was as intense, I would be singing a different tune. That’s why I started the journey of The Traveling Dancer, to find the studio, the class, or the teacher that bring out the best in me and make me work for it.

I danced barefoot for the first time in at least a year. It was invigorating feeling the floor with your bare foot. Using it to grip and not depending on a shoe to help you turn. Maybe it’s because winter is here and I can’t walk barefoot around the house but there’s something grounding about being able to touch the floor. For anyone who only takes ballet, try a modern class- it’ll through you for a loop. A good loop. Or at least do some ballet without your shoes on. It’s like dancing in the rain :).

Dance with confidence. Be confident. That was the correction I received today. Not as easy as it sounds – but I’ll work on it. Half the battle with dance is confidence. You could be doing something COMPLETELY wrong, but if you’re confident it’ll look good AND you might even get away with it :). Something to think about when performing. The audience won’t know you messed up unless you let them know.




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