LeoSATarday: Jozette for Mirella MJ7132


I really love the look of this leotard. It has a touch of sportiness but it’s also elegant and a little regal. The model is lovely and I think this leotard fits her perfectly! :p Who doesn’t love a little ruching? My only concern are the sleeves. Sometimes capped sleeves can hinder arm motion not to mention constantly rub against your armpit (ANNOYING). Anyone have this leotard and can tell us for sure whether it does this or not?

The Blue Bottle color is also lovely and very professional looking. Do you think this style would be ok for studios that only allow “traditional” leotards? I do!

I just noticed that most of the Jozette for Mirella models are photographed looking up with a dreamy look in their eyes. The lighting, their body and face positioning, their gaze, and of course their hair all come together to create a feeling of ethereality. ┬áSmart advertising on Mirella’s part but really isn’t that what you feel like when you’re really, truly dancing? When you’ve become transcendent? I’ve never felt this but I still have hope that it can happen.

Leotard Update: Feb 23, 2013. I tried this leotard on at the store and I was quite disappointed. I tried on a Large and the top ruching section was too big aesthetically and fit wise. There wasn’t a medium for me to try on, unfortunately. It didn’t look anything like the model – she must be wearing a small. The capped sleeves were very restrictive. I KNEW IT! Be wary of sleeves!! The sales associate that was helping me said that many people had been complaining about the sleeves and that she thought it was a design flaw. Meep.

I’m sad this leotard didn’t work for me but it still is a lovely leotard and maybe it’ll work for someone else.


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