Harvard Office for the Arts

Harvard Office for the Arts

Studio Harvard Office for the Arts
Website url
Price Depending on your affiliation it’s between $75 and $145 for the semester
Levels and Freq 3 levels: Ballet 1, 2, and 3. 1x to 2x/week
Location 2 studios: 1 in Harvard Square the other a 15-20 walk down Garden Street
Facility Harvard sq: 1 studio on the second floor. Beautiful large windows. Rectangular room with the longest part facing the windows so we’d turn that way to go across the floor. Garden: 2 studios -1 huge black box theater with 3 big windows the other much smaller
Reception Located at 60 Garden Street. Marin is amazing!!! She’s patient and nice and will help you with anything and everything dance related! She’s also an awesome dancer and teacher.
Dressing Area Garden: locker room/dressing room downstairs with 2 stalls, lockers, plenty of space to change. Harvard Sq: make sure you get into your dance clothes before arriving. There are only 2 single bathrooms on the first level.  No water fountain.
Class Ballet 2 10/23/2012 at the Harvard Square studio
Teacher Tai Jimenez. She danced with Dance Theater of Harlem and Boston Ballet. Lovely dancer. She’s very composed and self-contained. Everything with her feels purposeful and measured.
Music Ra the pianist. Lovely man and musician!!
Size 9-12, 1-3 men depending on the day
Attire Tights and leotards for the most part. Some yoga pants (aka me sometimes)
Barre Timing 45 mins
Delivery of Exercises She’d give the combination once and then again if we looked confused or if it was complicated.
Type of Corrections Group and some Individual
Correction Notes *Keep your eyes level- helps keep you balanced.*When doing port de bras back, bring the arm to second as you move back to standing. Don’t take it to 5th again.*In 2nd grand plie don’t let the working arm fall in between your legs (do it in the mirror- it looks funny if you do). It should be passing your knee on the way up.*45 degrees is the height of your standing leg knee- Who would have thought my barely off the floor height wasn’t 45 degrees? J

*Assembles- the feet should meet in the air before coming down. That’s what’s SUPPOSED to happen.

Noteworthy Combos Tendus: front, side close 5th front, side close 1st, side close 5th back, tendu en croixFondus: Fondu front on flat plie releve leg to the side, repeat en croix then rond de jambe
General Vibe Depends on who’s in the class. Sometimes it can be stressful if you’re the only one at the lower end of the level. The room is small and unforgiving for hiding.
Level true to class Yes. Some people are a little more advanced than others but there’s enough of each group that you don’t feel totally left out.
Temperature 5 comfortable
Body Assessment Body feels pretty good. My knees are a little sore (bruised not injured) from rolling around on the floor in Modern.
General Comments I need major help with my port de bras. I’m pretty sure I did most of the center with robot arms. Sigh. Got schooled on assembles feet-wise. Arms were left to look like crap.



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