Miami City Ballet

Miami City Ballet

Studio Miami City Ballet
Website url
Price $20/class $150/ten class card
Levels and Freq 2 Levels: Beginner (twice a week) Int/Adv (3x/week)
Location Pretty easy drive with GPS. Metered parking out front.
Facility Nice facility. 5 studios with huge windows. Not right on the beach unfortunately. That would be pretty distracting but beautiful!
Reception Located in store off to the right of the entrance. I asked about the level and the guy said I should be fine in Beginner. Pretty laid back.
Dressing Area Separate bathrooms from Dressing areas. I changed in the bathroom because that was the first door I saw. I saw a cleaning crew when I was leaving- confirmation of the cleanliness I experienced.
Class Beginner. September 13, 2012. Thursday 6:45-8:15
Teacher Kris Kramer. She danced with MCP. She was very enthusiastic and friendly. She introduced herself to me since I was a new face. Kris knew her regulars by name and even mentioned how far they had come along. J
Music iPod- We couldn’t really hear her over the music but the music itself was at a good level.
Size 11-15, 4 men
Attire Tights and leotards with cover ups. Yoga and exercise clothes.
Barre Timing 45 mins
Delivery of Exercises Kris would tell you the combo twice, mark with music, and then would do it with us. She gave options for more advanced students since this class seemed to be a little more mixed than usual level wise.
Type of Corrections Group and Individual
Correction Notes There were a couple of regulars in the class that she corrected and noted their progress. During the soutenu across the floor she acted as the mirror image to us so that we could see exactly how to do them.
Noteworthy Combos
  1. Tendus: Tendu front pas de cheval, repeat side, repeat front w inside leg and start back
  2. Across the floor: really broke down soutenu turns. Plie, right foot front (RF), RF side, Left Foot (LF) cross in front of RF, THEN turn not RF front-side and turn. She said there should be a pause and that once you get it slow- it’ll look better when going faster
  3. Across the floor
General Vibe Relaxed. Kris mentioned that we would have latecomers because “we always do.” No judgement- just fact. There wasn’t a competitive vibe at all. There was one male dancer who was so beautiful to watch. He had muscles everywhere and looked completely hairless (not that hair is a bad thing…just describing). He looked like he was an Alvin Ailey dancer. Lovely port de bras and such a strong jumper!  Yum.
Level true to class Yes, Beginner. She mentioned that the class turned into more of an intermediate class which can happen when more advanced students take a class but it didn’t seem like she forced her regulars out or anything.
Temperature (Scale 1-10. 5 comfortable 10 hot, hot, hot) 6. The windows are HUGE and let a lot of sun in.
Body Assessment My right bunion was bothering me when in sous sous. Can’t get as far up on demi-pointe as I would like…wtf. My pointe is looking a lot better than I thought though. I pointed in front of a separation in the mirror and almost died of how beautiful my arch looked and then realized it was an optical illusion. Haha. Still… for being flat footed, it could be worse. My thighs felt like they kept getting in the way when in 5th sous sous. Balance wasn’t too great either.
Corrections given to me specifically Hands too low in first. Attitude back leg wasn’t turned out enough.



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