Fresh Pond Ballet


Studio Fresh Pond Ballet
Website url
Price $15/class; $115/10 class
Levels and Freq 2 Levels: Intro (2x/week) Int/Adv (5x/week) + Pointe (2x/week)
Location Close to Porter Square on Mass Ave. A little hidden- I almost missed it. It’s at the very end of the block on the corner.
Facility It’s in the basement so no windows to the outside but there’s a viewing window on one of the walls. It’s a one room studio. On the same level there’s an Acupuncture and Wellness center. It’s all carpet.  The studio is a little  on the small end in terms of going across the floor. There’s a structural beam that can be annoying to navigate around if you’re in the back of the room.
Reception No specific reception area. You interact with the teacher directly and pay her.
Dressing Area The stalls are really tight and the doors are not floor to ceiling. There are chairs and an area to hang coats where you can change as well.
Class Adult Intro. Mid October 2012. Thursday 7:45-9
Music CD
Teacher Nina Rubenstein Alonso. She is very patient. While I was checking in she asked me my name. 🙂 I didn’t have to fill anything out, just gave her the $ and she wrote my name down.
Size 6. I asked what the regular size is and they said anywhere between 6 and 15.
Attire Website says to either wear yoga attire or leotard and tights-that’s what people were wearing.
Type of Corrections General and individual
Combo Notes Most combinations were done front, back, side which I appreciate since it lets your outside leg rest and it helps you learn weight changes. She had us let go of the barre and check our balance! A good reminder not to hold on to the barre for dear life.
Helpful Corrections She paid close attention to how we came out of soutenu. The arms must go from 5th to 2nd then float down. She said it was a garnish, like parsley. It’ll look too simple without it.
General Vibe Relaxed and supportive. She went through the step if one of us didn’t know it.
Level true to class Yes, Beginner. The class was easy to follow. Definitely a little mixed. One of the girls I talked to at the beginning- it was only her 3rd class in ballet. Total.  It does seem like Nina keeps the class moving though and doesn’t keep it too beginner.
Temperature Warm but not horribly so.
Body Assessment Left deltoid is super tight. Left turning is still a pain but to the right was more controlled. One of my front battements went really high because I tried to just throw it up there versus bearing down with my thighs. I really need to work on not gripping them for everything. I just find it difficult to throw your leg up there and pointe at the same time for some reason.
General Comments After class, Nina asked me where I was from. That was really nice of her, taking an interest in her students. The other dancers were very friendly as well. One offered to walk with me to the T stop if I was going that way. 🙂 We did a little ab workout as well because Nina stressed how important the core is to ballet.



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